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Whisper GLIDE® Swing Design Details

600 Series Wheelchair Accessible Models

  • Robust swing floor to accommodate heavier wheelchairs!
  • Wider and lower wheelchair ramp for easier loading and unloading!
  • Easily adjustable Stop Bar/Slide allows swing use with almost ALL wheelchairs!
  • Wheelchair-side Therapeutic Handles greatly improves participation and independent swinging opportunities

Gracefully curved seat casting accents; an attractive scroll design Textured, multicolor plastic instruction labels are attractive and easy-to-read Exterior-grade snaps - fastened to canopy-material straps - attach canopies to the frame, cushions to the seats

A Close Look at Excellence

1. Whisper-Action Components
The hallmark of the Whisper GLIDE ® Swing is the easy swinging action. To assure a quiet, smooth ride, we use only self lubricating full-length bronze bushings, and half-inch stainless steel bolts. Thus, you can swing by gently moving the push/pull bar with your hands, or by simply pushing on the swing platform with your feet.
2. Aluminum Frame Construction Aluminum StockCircumference Weld
The swing frames are made of aluminum - a non-rusting metal which is ideal for use in extreme environments. Strength is a top priority in our designs. We use heavy gauge aluminum and channels where necessary. Our specified alloy is extruded, tempered, and then precision-cut prior to welding. Arc welding processes literally melt pieces together. Most welds are "complete circumference", running along the entire joint of the welded pieces.
3. Stainless Steel
From the assembly bolts and nuts to the lock-up shafts and swing pivot shafts, our extensive use of stainless steel gives confidence even in the most extreme environments. These components are primarily high grade alloys, for maximum corrosion resistance.
Gearbox4. The Custom Gearbox
The wheelchair-accessible swing allows for easy entry and exit, simply because the ramp can be gracefully lowered and raised with the gearbox. This gearbox design, as well as its stainless steel, bronze and aluminum components assure that it is long-lasting and has smooth action.

5. The Twin Lock-ups
Twin lock-ups facilitate safety during entry and exit. With simplicity in mind, the design of the lock-up receptacles provides a secure interface with the stainless steel lock-up shafts. The swing is thus stable while the lock-ups are deployed. Also featured are padlock holes - which enables you to completely secure the swing in an immovable state, if desired.

Lockup6. Finishes
We utilize a state-of-the-art powder paint process for finishing- the result of this technology speaks of extreme durability. This multi-step process applies powder paint using electrostatics. The paint is then baked at over 400 degrees, which bonds it to the aluminum, providing a hard, scratch-resistant surface.

7. Vinyl

The seats, floor, wheelchair platform and ramp are made of vinyl-clad steel. The closed-cell vinyl provides a surface that is easy to clean, comfortable, and attractive. In addition, we incorporate ultraviolet stabilizers directly into the vinyl in order to maximize durability.
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